Hi! I exist!

That’s about all I really have to say about myself, so have an infodump:

Table of Contents


  • Independent media
  • Independent Broadcasting (everything from pirate radio to virtual youtubers)
  • Open source software/hardware/content
    • Blender
    • mpv
    • Wikimedia
    • PinePhone
    • OBS Studio
    • Pipewire
  • Proprietary software that doesn’t suck (a rare specimen; mostly games)
  • AR/XR/VR
  • Compression
  • Conlangs/Esolangs
  • Archiving of content
  • Emulation
  • Kyoto Animation
  • Studio TRIGGER
  • Studio Yuraki
  • Valve Software
  • Accessibility and Localization
  • Content Distribution/Monetization
  • Künefe


  • DRM
  • Disney
  • Adobe
  • Epic Games
  • Riot Games
  • Facebook/TikTok
  • Zoom
  • Bill Gates (because of Common Core)
  • GNOME (inconsistent implementation of standards like what’s happening with their Wayland implementation is a huge chunk of why software like Electron gets popular)
  • Rich people (unspent money is useless)
  • Patents (you’re supposed to have IP for implementations/executions, not the ideas)
  • Piracy (I do realize that this seems to be at odds with the rest of the list)


I went to Grant High School for three years before dropping out with a GPA of 1.7; left after getting a CHSPE, which is the CA equivalent to a GED.

Currently going to Los Angeles Valley College, studying Film, Television, Broadcasting, etc. as well as whatever else I feel like.

Actively looking for good broadcasting/computing programs I can transfer to.


  • COVID-19 Compliance Officer
  • CS50’s Understanding Technology

Working on others, including Linux and full CS50.


I interned at the LAVC campus radio station, handling the technical parts of its reboot as KVCM.live in 2020, making it fully remote as we lost access to the studio due to the pandemic.

Why should I care?

You should not.

How can I support you?

Hire me; contact here! This website is also Web Monetized so you can pay me that way.