Current Projects

gasp (generic art sharing platform)

Art sharing platform living on the bleeding edge, putting artists before anyone (or any thing) else! Please join!

Online business cards that load fast and kick arse. Here’s mine.

The third iteration of my school’s campus radio station. I facilitated the move to a fully remote format, building the website and stream.

Coming Soon (maybe)


A browser extension that rounds up dollar amounts or adds taxes to them.


A Q&A platform like Marshmallow, but in English (and eventually other languages) and integration with OBS etc.

Pending Reboot


A generic polling website, that I’ll be making into a tool for streamers to run polls with during streams.

Shelved Projects

Broadcasting 42

A set of open-source self-taught courses to get people into creating and distributing media. Pending me learning how to teach.


Chess. But with heatmaps. And hopefully less if statements this time.

Media Disclosures

An open-source, always evolving, universal content rating system.